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”One Pawprint at a Time”

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Kan-dou ™

Both bullying and cyber bullying have reached epic proportions in today’s society. In response to this enormous assault on our youngsters, Melon’s Gift created an exclusive initiative. “Kan-dou” (™) – Kids and Dogs Unite, is an after school program focusing on educating and empowering our youth. The format includes team building, role playing, activity based learning and group discussion. The successful component of our program is direct involvement in training dogs. With the guidance of a professional dog trainer, students learn to communicate clearly and assert themselves effectively. Our unique initiative has had successful results, based on evidence based outcomes. We are proud to say we will be expanding our services to more youngsters and hopefully into more schools.


“Kan-dou”, Kids and Dogs Unite, is an anti-bullying initiative created by Melon’s Gift, Inc. Pictured are mentors and student participants.

Thanks to the support of the Pocono Health Foundation, the Kan-dou program successfully continues to achieve its goals. While working with a professional dog trainer (Diana LaTorre), the students learn specific techniques that transfer to assertiveness and confidence. Each week the students interact with dogs of all ages and breeds. In addition, the mentors assist in the growth process through activity based facilitation and group discussions.

We are proud to say the students gained confidence as well as improved their self-esteem. An added bonus was that the students learned to trust and make new friends.